Case Study of Website Design for Book Publishing Company.

3 min readJul 3, 2021


Landing page design for publishing company, featuring e-Commerce store for book, blog page, authors registration & more.
Book Publishing Company Landing Page


The project comprises several modules including, online manuscript submission for writers to publish their book as a paperback, e-book, and audiobook, blogger module as blog writing and blogging pages, and an online eCommerce store for clients products including published titles/books, freebies, and other writing-related stuff.

Someone said to me freelancing is an adventure, yet you have decided what its genre will be. Hello, reader myself, Siddhartha, started my freelancing adventure last month. This is my first commercial project for a client named “Shiksha Publication House”. The team ventured their startup, providing excellent management skills to the writers and authors, publishing their book as a paperback, and providing them with a unique eCommerce platform for selling.

The biggest challenge in this project is designing a clean & sophisticated UI/UX prototype so that their web developer can finish this project as early as possible. The client team provided me with at least 15 web links from their competitor, including an eCommerce website, a blogging website, and others.

Speaking of pain points, there are dozens of client requirements provided to me, and some of them are out of the box. Developing the user person is a real task for me, the client provided me with very little idea, and asked me to complete the rest of it.

The project is completed in 25 days, and the project is under web development.

The problem

as the new startup, they haven’t still registered or brought domain and server.

brand identity and brand guidelines also have to be created.

background research and competitive research are also missing.


Design site-wide storytelling to form a wide customer base.

The overall design and user experience with device-friendly version.

Create visual product storytelling on the product page.

Design a clean and sophisticated approach.

Design brand equity and online impression on the first site.

Designing coding-friendly design using specific component sets.


Shiksha Publication House.

New startups aim to provide the best service and opportunity to writers to achieve their lifelong dream i.e. becoming authors. The site also serves as an eCommerce site for ventures’ published titles and other merchandise. The startup claims to publish the book within a month from the date of registration

Project Background

Team of Shiksha Publication House, approached personally for creative web design for their startup. The team is located in Pune, Maharashtra, they already in talks with

a web developer but lack design perceptive and implementing strategy. The project is supposed to complete in 30 days including prototyping, mid fidelity, and final presentation.

In the project, they also asked for after-project support in the case of illustration and other design work.

Process & Insights


Visiting client’s competitor website for ideas, and requirement clarification

Defining pages and other services providing

Defining components of design, colors, typography, and other aspect


1. Web Page Content Mapping.

2. High fidelity mockup (Shown for 2 Web pages 1. Home page, 2. Book Store)

3. web page design version 1.0 (desktop device)

4. Web page design Version 2.0 (tablet & Mobile device)

5. Final work (Shots for Dribble)

Web pages & their included content designed for clients
High fidelity prototypes for landing page & e-Commerce page of the book publishing company.

Tools and resources




Final words

The first project as a freelancer so was a great experience.

The client, the Shiksha publication house team, welcomed the design and other branding concepts presented by me. Work is completed in 25 day including final paycheck delivery.

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